International Strategies

Thomas More Hogeschool is a University of Applied Sciences located in the centre of the multicultural city of Rotterdam, and its mission statement is to educate skilled teachers who never give up, who are well trained in urban education, and who are conscious of their world citizenship. Broadening horizons, expanding knowledge about other forms of education, and becoming aware of different cultures and customs are essential elements to acquire this. Students and staff are therefore stimulated to do research abroad and to share their knowledge on educational systems in the Netherlands with their international counterparts. Thomas More Hogeschool therefore highly values the importance of offering both students and staff members the opportunity to discover how education is organised abroad and to gain inspiration from these international experiences.

Sharing succesful forms of education will contribute to the quality of education in general and will have a strong influence on social and economic developments worldwide. We strongly feel that future teachers should contribute to this global process. 

Thomas More Hogeschool is constantly developing, also internationally. It aims at creating a global network through which students and staff will be able to gain knowledge about international educational programmes and resources. We enable our students to study abroad by sharing teaching expertise with other higher educational institutes and/or by joining their research activities. The international programme will focus on our strongest point: our close connection with the education field in Rotterdam. We will therefore provide programmes at bilingual schools in an urban environment or in the region of Rotterdam. 

Strategic partnerships will enable and intensify the synergy between exchange, research and development on the one hand and international courses and programmes on the other hand, so that they will be regarded as a model for future collaboration. It is our aim to organise this in close connection with the international higher educational institutes, so that we can focus on the needs and goals of our foreign students.

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Exchange programs

In general there are several options when it comes to studying at Thomas More Hogeschool. First of all there is the possibility to do an international internship. Or you can follow the minor Culture, inclusion and environment in the city. 

International internships  

For non-Dutch speaking students the Thomas More Hogeschool offers internships at bilingual and international schools in Rotterdam and in the area. We welcome exchange students to participate in the Dutch primary school system. This is an opportunity to get to know primary schooling in the Netherlands and gain experience in teaching a variety of subjects (English spoken) to Dutch and International children. If you are speaking Dutch we can offer you a more broaden spectrum of school, including fir example Monteressori, Dalton, Jenaplan and Special needs. 
The duration of the program is adjustable. Exchange student can stay for short periods of two weeks (4 ECTS) or longer periods up till a semester (30 ECTS).

Click here for the application procedure.

Every exchange student will be connected to a buddy, a Dutch student of the Thomas More Hogeschool. Your buddy will show you around and make you feel at home at our institute, in the city and in the Dutch culture.

Minor culture, inclusion and environment in the city

General information  

The minor program Culture, inclusion and environment in the city is an international program that contains several courses of which you can choose. The heart of the curriculum is the city of Rotterdam and its challenges: multilingualism, multiculturalism, outdoor education in a city environment, art & identity as a way of empowering communities, you name it. It is a rich program full of classes, excursions and creative sessions in which students learn how to give answers to the challenges of growing up in modern day cities. Do you care about social justice, inclusion, different cultures and innovation? This could be the right minor for you! 

About the courses   

Whether you need 15, 20 or 30 creditpoints. With the following courses you can pick and choose and make your own program: 

Outdoor education and nature in the city (5EC) 

Inclusive education and special educational needs (10EC) 

Multiple perspectives on diversity (5EC) 

Art, identity and culture (5EC) 

Parental involvement and working with families (5EC)

Global Citizenship and entrepreneurship in children (5EC) 

Multilingualism (5EC) 

All the courses will be taught from September to January. If there is a very limited amount of applicants for one course you might have to switch. If you want to learn more about the individual courses please contact:

Click here for the application procedure.

Practical information about housing

Rotterdam is a popular place to study and to live. Which means that it won’t be that easy to find accommodation. However if you start to search for it early on it should be possible. Ofcourse we will try to help you. Look at the following website for inspiration how you can check for an accommodation:

This could give you a general idea. Please let us know if you are interested in our program and in housing accommodation. We will be able to send you a guideline with several steps that will give you more detailed information about the housing market in the Netherlands and that will make your search for accommodation a success.